Looking for a SCADA security solution that protects industrial control systems from cyber threats and network incidents? Tofino Security has the products you need.

Cyber Security for SCADA and Industrial Control Systems

The Tofino Industrial Security Solution

  • Protects SCADA and Industrial Control Systems from cyber threats and network incidents

  • Easy deployment and configuration thanks to patented Plug-n-ProtectTM  technologies

  • Implemented without plant downtime

  • Superior protection of Modbus and OPC communications using Deep Packet Inspection

  • Ideal for securing zones of equipment on the plant floor, as per ISA/IEC 62443 standards

  • Stealth security appliances have no IP address

About the Tofino Industrial Security Solution

About Tofino Security




Tofino Security Appliance protecting a secure zone of critical infrastucture or process/automation network


KIACS Cyber Security Conference, May 25-26, 2014, Kuwait


International NCSC One Conference 2014, June 3-4, 2014, World Forum, The Hague


Tofino Security: Designed for Industry 

  • Certified and approved by industrial automation vendors and standards groups

  • Meets and exceeds NERC CIP, ISA IEC 62443 (formerly ISA99) standards

  • Supports >90 Industrial and IT protocols and >60 control products